Recycle with Baabuk

Did you know that over 20 billion pairs of shoes were produced worldwide in 2015? Shockingly, however, only 5% of all pre-loved shoes are currently recycled, according to Recycling International. We believe it’s our duty to change this.

So, as part of our continued efforts to reduce our contribution to the waste issue, we’ve launched a recycling programme. This is a huge deal for us, and we’re thrilled to share it with you!


At Baabuk, we’re always thinking about our shoes’ life-cycle, from how the materials are sourced, to how long they’ll last. And now the time has come to include their circularity, too.

While we aim to give all of our products great longevity, we understand that they just can’t last forever as they are. So, by recycling we’ll ensure that their ‘end-of-life’ will be accounted for, and they can go on to be something completely new!

Recycle your old Baabuks now


How it works

  1. All you need to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We’ll then email you some simple instructions showing how to send us your pre-loved shoes.
  2. You send your used Baabuks back to us.
    Note: You’ll cover the shipping costs, but don’t worry, we’ll send you a nice thank you in the form of a rebate to contribute to the purchase of a new pair!
  3. Our team will check over your shoes and decide on their fate.
  4. If the shoes are still wearable, we’ll pass them on to charities, or other partners, so they can be loved once more.
  5. If they’re otherwise destined for the landfill, we’ll send them off to be recycled. Our partners, I:CO by SOEX, have developed a shoe recycling plant that extracts individual materials from old shoes, so they can be reused as secondary raw materials. These can then be processed and reused in a wide range of industries! Want more info? Find out what happens to your shoes
  6. Time for the added bonus! Not only can you feel good knowing you’ve recycled your old shoes, we’ll also send you a treat. As soon as we’ve received your pre-loved Baabuks, we’ll email you a rebate code to use towards your next pair.
    Note: rebate amounts vary depending on the product returned.

Have an old pair of Baabuks kicking around? What are you waiting for! Give them a second life now by filling in the form below.

Recycle your old Baabuks now