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Are the Baabuks itchy since they are made out of wool? Can I really wear Baabuk shoes without socks?

The wool that many of you remember is the one from our grandmothers that were itchy and unpleasant to wear. However, wool is a natural fiber that comes in different thicknesses and can be extremely comfortable. For example, cashmere is a wool fiber that is very soft and fluffy. To make the Baabuk shoes, we use a very fine wool fiber that is thick enough to be resistant and durable - and of course, comfortable! You can read more here!

Aren't wool shoes too hot for summer?

Wool may be traditionally known for its use in heavy winter sweaters, but wool is actually a great material for all temperatures! The same property that keeps you cozy in the winter also keeps you cool in the summer. There are natural crimps and air pockets in the wool that keep the cold out during the winter and also keep the heat out in the summer, whilst still allowing the skin to breathe, and hence feel cooler. As wool does not conduct energy, it doesn’t transfer heat or cold through the material and hence keeps the wearer (both sheep and humans) at a comfortable temperature. You can learn more about the science behind this on our blog post "Wool for Summer".

Are the Sky Woolers, Urban Woolers, sneakers, and slippers waterproof?

The fibers of the wool are naturally covered with a special waxy coating. Therefore, wool is naturally water repellent and will be less exposed to stains as spills will less easily be absorbed by the fabric. Don't worry - your wool sneakers won't shrink in the rain! However, they are not waterproof and will get wet in heavier rain or deep puddles.

What if the shoe gets wet?

If your Baabuk shoes have gotten wet, simply remove and dry at room temperature. Avoid putting them in a dryer. The wool will not get damaged by water and will not shrink, as the raw material has already been washed and felted.

Which styles are for men? Which styles are for women?

All of our sneakers, slippers, and boots are unisex. Find the colors that best fit your style!

What does the name "BAABUK" mean?

The name BAABUK was developed to highlight the foundational elements of the brand - our homage to ancestral roots and our focus on wool. It is a mix between the BAAA of the sheep and the Russian word BABUSHKA (meaning grandmother).

Where does Baabuk produce?

Our slippers are handmade in Nepal in our own workshop built from scratch. The Sky Woolers and Urban Woolers are crafted in Portugal. This country was selected as the right place to produce our sneakers due to their knowledge and experience in shoe making. Our boots start in our Nepalese workshop and are finished in Portugal. Learn more on our Craft Series page.

Where does the wool come from?

The wool used to make our slippers and boots comes from New Zealand. The wool used to make the Sky Woolers and Urban Woolers comes from Portugal where the sheep happily live in the natural park of Serra da Estrela. Our wool is mulesing-free

Why does the slipper wool come from New Zealand?

We chose to use wool from New Zealand because the washing process is more environmentally friendly. Only water and soap are used in their processing of the wool. The water is then recycled, avoiding pollution of the rivers.

What are the shipping costs?

We offer free shipping in Switzerland on all orders above 100 CHF. For orders below 100 CHF, we charge a flat rate of 7 CHF. Shipping to other countries is calculated at checkout

International Customers: Please order from our International website:

USA Customers: Please order from our USA website:

Do you ship to my country? Do you ship to the US and Canada

This website is only for Swiss customer. International shipping is available. For international customers, we ship worldwide on our international site -

How can I pay? What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit cards, Paypal, and TWINT.

What is your Return, Refund, and Exchange policy?

We think you're going to love your new Baabuk shoes and slippers! But we know that sometimes the size isn't right or you'd prefer a different color. That's why we offer our unique "U-Turn" policy along with a traditional return/exchange policy.
If you need to return your items for any reason within 30 days of delivery, simply complete our Return Authorization form. Then send the shoes back and we'll get a new pair or refund to you. We partner with three return facilities to accommodate returns based on customer locations. These facilities are located in Switzerland, Germany, and USA.

For more information, please refer to our Shipping and Returns page.

What is your warranty policy?

We are committed to making sustainable and durable products designed for long- term wear. However, we recognize that the process of working with wool is and art and therefore, some products are more susceptible to faster wear. All Baabuk products come with a 365-day warranty which covers any rips, tears, holes, or other material damage. Simply contact us at info@baabuk.

How do I wash and clean my Baabuk Slippers?

We do not recommend using the washing machine for our slippers. The sole of the slippers is a natural latex material, so washing machines, aggressive soaps, and alcohols may cause the soles to melt. We recommend cleaning with a humid cloth. You can clean the surface of the slippers to remove the dirt and dust. Do not put slippers near any heat source to dry. Doing so may damage the natural latex sole.
For more information on how to clean the soles of your slippers, please refer to this video

How do I wash and clean my Urban Wooler and Sky Wooler sneakers?

You can put your Urban Woolers and Sky Wooler sneakers in the washing machine under the “wool” program (30 degrees Celsius, gentle spin). You may want to use a special wool detergent. Air drying is recommended

What is the slipper sole made of?

The sole of our slippers (except for the Pomobuk) are made of 100% natural latex.

Are the Urban Woolers and Sky Woolers adequate for cold or hot weather?

Wool is an insulating and regulating material. It will protect your feet from the cold in the winter and keep them cool in the summer. So enjoy your pair of Baabuk at any time of the year!

What are the sneaker soles made of?

The soles of our sneakers are sturdy and durable to withstand daily use! Some of our traditional sneaker styles have lightweight, yet strong, soles made with a rubber TPU material. The soles of the newer Urban Woolers and Sky Woolers are made with durable natural rubber. 
Unlike foam soles that many other shoes have, TPU and rubber soles will withstand daily use and walking around the city.

Can I remove the inner sole and replace with an orthopedic sole?

Yes, the inner sole can be removed. Therefore, you can insert the sole of your choice in your pair of Baabuks.

Can I replace a worn outer sole on my sneakers or slippers?

We do not sell replacement outsoles, however local shoe repair services may be able to provide this service.

Can slippers be worn without insoles? How often should I replace slipper insoles

Wool insoles are added to BAABUK slippers for added comfort and durability, however they are not required. All slipper styles can be worn without insoles. If you choose to wear your slippers with insoles, the insoles may need to be replaced after prolonged usage. Replacement insoles are available here.

Can I adjust the elastic laces on the Urban Woolers and Sky Woolers? What if the lace is too long?

Yes! The elastic laces can be easily customized to match your fit and style. They can be re-laced in a variety of patterns and any leftover can simply be cut off to maintain a sleek look. Here's a short video with a few ideas and instructions - Elastic lace customization

What size should I select?

Visit our interactive Size Finder page to find your perfect fit! You'll also find useful conversion charts for US/EU shoe size.

If you have any further questions, we would be delighted to help you per e-mail: