2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Comfort is what we do best so we’d like to help you get your holiday shopping in the easiest, most relaxing way possible. Inspired by our own friends and family who are all different sizes, have different personality and live different lifestyles, our Gift Guide offers you perfect present options for all the names on your list.

wool sneakers for sneaker lovers

For The Shoe Guru

These folks enter and the first thing you always notice about them is their shoes, which is why they’ll make perfect recipients of our Sky Woolers. These sneakers have high-style thanks to their high-top design and distinct wool uppers that’ll make any trendsetter stand up and take notice. Whether in two tone, solid or the limited-edition Blacknose designs, they present a smart-casual look that’s fun but also functional thanks to the all-season temperature regulating wool and lightweight soles.

For The Go Getters

They’ve always got something to do, someplace to be, something in the works and on the horizon. Creative and progressive, a pair of Urban Woolers will help them get where they are going. The sleek profile and tapered sole create the clean lines of the modern Swiss design while the slip on, slip off laces are great for people continually on the move. Uppers made from 100% Portuguese mulesing-free sheep wool and soft Merino inners provide a comfortable fit that feels like home and go great with the durable soles that’ll last no matter where they may roam.

the best travel sneakers

wool slippers for the family

For The Cozy Companion

We all have that someone who makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. Give them that same feeling with the Mel Slipper, which mold to your feet for an extra comfy fit. Designed in Switzerland and handmade in Nepal using traditional methods, these slip-ons are a throwback to simpler times. They come in a bunch of different colors, including our limited-edition holiday edition—Apple Green, so there’s pair for everyone on your list. The wool body and insoles are warm as a friendly hug and the crepe rubber soles are durable, grippy and renewable—so they show you love the planet just as much your friends and family. 

For Weekend Warrior

Maybe they have their hands full with work, kids, food or they live a full life, with trips to the beach or away for the weekend. Give them a hand with this handy carry-all. Handcrafted in Nepal using 100% wool from New Zealand, the Bagbuk has a cool “outside-the-box” look and is also super-strong as well as moisture- and odor-resistant. Did we mention the wool also acts as an insulator so this bag can double as a cooler—how cool is that? Hand-stitched vegan leather handles and zipper closure add convenience and security.

wool tote bags

blacknose sheep shoes

For The Sheep Lovers

Know that person whose Instagram is full of cute animal pics and videos? They’ll love our Blacknose Collection, which is styled on the native Swiss breed deemed the “cutest sheep in the world.” We use wool from the Valais Blacknose Sheep to give these shoes their fleece white bodies and added in a black “nose”, sole and stitching to capture the stunning natural beauty of these animals.

The Awesome Accessorizer

Is someone in your life always on the lookout for one piece that sets off the rest of their outfit? Usually it’s something different, something colorful, something small, that makes a statement—an impact. Those folks will love this hat that’s warm in winter and a great sun-blocker in the summer. Unlike most caps, it’s made from natural Peruvian wool so it definitely stands out from the crowd. The rich Bordeaux pairs with the wool fibers to add depth and texture to any look. Plus, the one-size-fits-almost-all design means you don’t have to worry about figuring out their size.

wool accessories

gifts for wool lovers

For Stocking Stuffers

Little things can pack a big reaction when they are made with wool—natures’ most perfect fiber. Conveniently sized to slip into any pocket, our slim wallets are great for the guy or gal on the go. Crafted from natural wool and leather, they feature an elastic to secure money and your cards. Also great for movers and shakers are our replacement insoles. They give you all the moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and antibacterial properties of our soft and durable wool.

For Those List Lackers and Baabuck Backers

You keep asking and asking but they never tell you what they want or need. Or you know they love our stuff but they want all of it. Well, let them decide with our Baabuk gift cards. Just like our shoes are unisex, these cards are a great fit for anyone who makes you scratch your head wondering what to get them. Bonus: They are available in various amounts to suit your budget as much as they are tailored made for your variety of friends and family.

baabuk gift cards