Luciana, Painter

How do you define what you do?
When I am painting, it is like being in a dream: time goes by differently. Being an artist is not easy, doesn’t matter if you are famous or not, but I hold tight to it! I am happy about that.
How did start to work as an artist and painter? 
To cut a long story short, I needed to do something that pleased me, that cheered me up and that allowed me to do something with passion and liberty! Most interesting things that defines who you are? 
Really? I don’t think I am a very interesting person. I’m curious, I’m positive, I am systematic and I work hard, very hard.
Your lucky charm is:
A shamrock, a typical Irish one but I am not superstitious, except about the shamrock!
Prized possession: 
Is there anything more important than the life you live? The people you love? The dreams you dream?!
What is your favourite place and why?
First place is home because I am with people I love and care about. Definitely, there is no better place in the world!
The second place is, of course, my Atelier where I am close to my paintings! It is a corner of paradise.
What is your favourite book and why?
I am proud to say that my favourite book is “The Little Prince”. I have a collection of it in several different languages… even those I do not speak!
Your dream dinner party would be with?
Wouah, tricky question! My husband, naturally!
In another life, you’d be…
No doubt I would be a Quantum scientist. Does it exist? :)
One wish for the gold fish:
I wish we could all be very indulgent to each other. Life would be just perfect.
Work is:
Work can be boring, hard and stressful or not... but painting is Fun!
Painting helps creativity, self-esteem, concentration... and as I say to my friends, it is an activity that keeps you out of trouble!
The future will be:
Nobody knows. The unique real time is the present. Live it with all your heart and that will be fine.
The past was:
Experience, sometimes good, sometimes not so good… more experience and a lot of pictures in different albums.
Share some “words to live by” with us, please:
Everything you can imagine is real – Pablo Picasso

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