From shoes inspired by a thousand-year-old design to our time-honored manufacturing techniques, heritage means a lot to us. So as a Swiss company who specializes in wool we’ve long been enamored with the Valais Blacknose sheep, a breed born in Switzerland in the 15th century.

These aren’t just any sheep. Their black faces and markings are so striking against their shaggy, white fleece that they’re considered the cutest sheep in the world.

They’re also incredibly rare, with only 12,000 registered in Switzerland. Their uniqueness goes way past looks and scarcity. Each summer these animals climb the Alps to live half the year exposed to the elements in mountain meadows after spending the winter months in the valleys below.

This nomadic lifestyle makes their wool incredibly durable and strong. In fact, it has such a pronounced crimp that it can’t be twisted—but it’s the perfect consistency for the traditional felted wool we use for our sneakers. That’s why we’re partnering with local Swiss shepherds and farmers to bring this iconic wool to the market in the form of our limited edition Black Nose Sheep Urban Woolers and Sky Woolers.

Designed in Switzerland, each style features Swiss-harvested wool and will also have a striking black “nose”, sole and stitching set against a snowy wool body. Just like the sheep they take their looks and name from, these shoes will only exist in limited numbers. Get yours now before they all disappear up into the misty mountains of the Swiss Alps from whence they came...

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