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Inspired by nature

Baabuk Founders


The first BAABUK chapter started with the slippers. Galina and Dan founded their own workshop from scratch in the country of wool, Nepal. They created a collection of 100% wool slippers mixing ancestral know-how with a modern design.

Full of ideas Galina and Dan then came up with a sneaker made of wool as well. They chose Portugal to produce it due to their knowledge and experience in shoe making.

Galina and Dan’s third project was the Baabuk Unisex Wool Boot. All our projects were successfully financed on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. And we’re not done yet, there are many more BAABUK projects to come!

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Proud to be B-CORP!! We want to be a responsible comapny.

We use 100% natural wool from healthy happy sheep to produce our shoes. We exert conscious efforts to preserve the environment by comiting to use sustainable and renewable resources such as sheep wool or natural latex.

Baabuk is more than just a shoe, it’s about people. The people working in the Baabuk factory in Nepal receive higher than average salaries, have good working conditions. We guarantee that no children work in the workshop and that there are men and women in the staff.
Our comittment

How we make the wool shoes

The production process we have chosen for our Slippers is meticulous and delicate. It takes three days to create a pair of Baabuk but the outcome is exceptional.

The felting technique for our Sneakers and Urban Woolers is different from the slippers because we need a thinner and more flexible material.

To produce the boot, we combined the know-how of the people in Nepal and the one from our collaborators in Portugal.

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