Reflecting on brighter moments of 2020

2020 is a year that none of us will forget for many reasons — most notably the lockdowns and "new normals". However, it wasn't all lost. At BAABUK, 2020 was a year to do more and better of what we have always done: harvest the seeds of partnerships and collaborations, craft new products based on our community's feedback and, last but not least, tighten bonds with our partners and team members around the world; from Lausanne to Washington DC, France and Nepal to the Philippines.

Join us as we reflect on the positive moments we’ve shared in 2020.


As the world began to change in March, most of our standard business operations got uprooted. Our warehouse in Switzerland temporarily closed to keep employees safe. The Baabuk co-founders sprang into action – transferring inventory from the warehouse to their mountain chalet where they packed and shipped each order. Shipments during this time were a bit slower than usual, but the love and support we received from customers around the world was heart-warming.


This love and support then inspired us to launch a program dedicated to the frontline workers who were facing new challenges every day. We asked customers to consider adding a donation to their orders which would be used to contribute a cozy pair of slippers to a frontline worker. No surprise, the Baabuk community delivered with over 125 donations. Thanks to the generosity, we were able to deliver slippers to workers in retail, healthcare, and delivery persons who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.


2020 brought new styles to the Baabuk brand. We introduced new limited editions of our sneaker and slipper models for both Spring and Autumn. Throughout the year, we also expanded collaborations & special combos such as an exclusive line of Baabuk sneakers at the famed NYC shop, Alex Mill, a quarantine game combo with our local friends at Helvetiq, and cozy Portuguese wool blankets. The hallmark release of 2020 was the Kickstarter launch of our new Flat & Loafer collection which was funded over 800%.


We design products with durability & longevity in mind. In this spirit, we introduced the first version of the Baabuk repair kit. This kit contains heat-transfer patches designed to path and protect damage on well-worn shoes. Along with insole replacements, we hope your Baabuk sneakers and slippers last through many adventures.


Natural latex soles have been a core part of our slippers for many years, and in 2020 we found a way to integrate this sustainable material in our sneakers. Our Autumn/Winter limited collection featured new Sky Wooler and Urban Wooler styles with sneaker soles made of natural & recycled latex. The feedback of this update has been so positive that we are planning to continue integrating these soles into future releases.


The Baabuk Beyond Wool series offers behind-the-scenes looks at the stories beyond the products. In 2020, we expanded the series to include a look into BVA, our warehouse in Switzerland. The BVA Foundation is a special facility that works with disabled people to provide fulfilling jobs. These employees are an integral part of the Baabuk story, inspecting every product that is shipped and ensuring on-time delivery.


We then brought the Beyond Wool series back to Portugal to follow the shepherds and sheep of Serra da Estrela, and the factory of Burel – the origin stories of our wool. Through these stories, we saw how the economic impact of the revived wool industry has saved a once-troubled region.


Sheep are a core part of the Baabuk story, and in 2020 we make the decision to play a larger role in the conservation of endangered sheep species. In partnership with the grassroot Swiss organization ProSpecieRara, we launched the Miss Baabuka project. This partnership will support ProSpecieRara’s ongoing work of protecting and increasing populations of six rare sheep breeds native to Switzerland.
Baabuk became a stronger community in 2020. As we look forward to 2021, we're committed to keeping the inspirations of the past year close. Despite the challenges we faced, we will continue forging deeper connections to our community and commitments as we drive forward with optimism and eager innovation.


Happy New Year!