Our Year in Review - 2021

Thanks for being part of the Baabuk story in 2021! This past year has been filled with many smiles, laughs, and Baaas and we loved sharing our stories with Baabuk fans around the globe. Let’s look back at some of the favorite moments as told by team Baabuk members.

Team Baabuk

What was your best moment at team BAABUK in 2021?

Meeting the team after a long 2 year covid break at "La Petite Auberge Baabuk" was the highlight of the year!


My best moment was sharing the amazing "paela, nachos and cheese raclette' mix meal at our team summit at "La Petite Auberge Baabuk" and sharing every day with my colleagues. We had a blast and were very creative.


To finally reconnect in-person for a weeklong team summit after a nearly 2-year hiatus. Reflecting on past successes & stumbles, planning for the upcoming year, and getting to spend time together beyond the screen. In moments like this, the spirit of Baabuk is most truly experienced.


The very best moment was with Team Baabuk in Switzerland, discovering how good we fit together and how similar our interests, mentality and line of thinking is.


It sounds odd but the best moment for me was when I was sick and felt horrible like I had the virus. Unable to work for a week, I was supported by my colleagues who kept checking on me and my family – wishing us well through email & texts - like we were neighbors even if we're on the other side of the world. It really meant a lot to me.


The best moment? Every Monday morning :-) Most seriously, when I'm discovering new development models that the team is working on.


The highlight of the year for me, was to be Bcorp recertified with a higher score. And the best moment was our Black Nose shooting in Lausanne with an amazing photography team, models and super cute sheep!


When we met all together in Lac de Taney for our annual strategy meeting. Baabuk emerged as a team's business and no longer a founders' business.


As we move forward into 2022, we have some lofty goals and excited releases planned —

Make a wish for BAABUK in 2022, what is it?

I wish for Baabuk to reach & positively impact even more communities in 2022. Whether it is through our products or our programs, I'd like to see the spirit & comfort of Baabuk spread more globally. (I'd also love a new website launch :-)


My strongest wish for 2022 is to rework the life cycle of our shoes - starting with each individual component, then addressing the durability of the product and its afterlife.


My wishes for Baabuk in 2022 is to have further greater collaborations and co-creations to write more stories. I'd also like more live meetings to share ideas and channel our creativity into relevant and brilliant products. Making a difference and improving the life cycle of our shoes.


For the team I wish to keep the same dynamics as in 2021. Nothing more. It's already perfect. For the business, I wish Baabuk to become an inspiring leader in the industry. For me, I'd love a personal assistant :-)


My wish is that all of our customers be satisfied with our service and products, that we keep improving further and that every single person in the team feel as happy with their work as I do.


Baabuk is already successful to me - not only in terms of sales - but also with its vision and being part of the Bcorp community. I could only wish for continued success and more journeys in the future, and I want to be part of that!


CATH: More fun if even possible ;-)


In 2022 I wish for cool new products that make their journey towards circularity and I also hope Baabuk will be involved into new community empowerment and biodiversity projects.

We’d love to hear your favorite moments from Baabuk in 2021, and the things you’d like to see us do in 2022. 

Wishing you a very happy & prosperous new year!

- Team Baabuk